Conditions of Let


1. Any party, organisation, group or individual shall be referred to as the APPLICANT.

At the time of booking the rental must be paid in full.

(a) Where the let is for an event/activity which requires a Liquor Licence the applicant shall be soley responsible for obtaining Licence and adhering to all Licence regulations. The Committee may ask for sight of Licence before the event.

(b) The applicant must not enter the premises before the time booked and ensure that all persons have left the premises and all additional equipment has been removed there from by the time the let concludes. At the time of booking, the applicant must ensure they book and pay for any preparation/cleaning up time. In the event of the stated finishing time being exceeded the appropriate hourly room/hall rental will be charged.

(c) At the conclusion of the let, ensure that the hall/room is left in the same condition of cleanliness that it was in at the start of the let. This includes cleaning the kitchen, bagging up rubbish, cleaning up spillages and cleaning table tops. Any excessive cleaning will be charged to the applicant at the appropriate rates.

(d) Ensure that the “No Smoking” policy is adhered to.

(e) Be responsible for ensuring that adequate insurance is taken out to cover for all risks for which the applicant is responsible in terms of the let and shall exhibit evidence of such insurance to the Committee on request.

2. Food Safety

(a) The applicant shall be required to ensure compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 and any subsequent regulations.

(b) The applicant shall be required to remove all reasonable waste from the environs of the facility and where necessary make special arrangements for its removal with a licensed contractor before final vacation of the premises.

(c) Where the let is for an event involving the sale of food (eg. coffee morning), the applicant shall ensure that said food is sold solely within the premises.

(d) Where any hot food is being prepared or sold ensure that this is done through the hire of the kitchen.

(e) Ensure that the catering facilities are left clean and tidy. These will be subject to an inspection prior to the end of the let.

3. The Applicant is responsible for providing adequate supervision for any event held in the Room/Hall

(a) The applicant will be held personally liable for the preservation of order in the premises and the proper admission to and exit from the premises during the period of let.

4. Duties of Applicants for Fire Emergency

(a) The applicant should be aware of their responsibilities before the public are admitted to the room/hall and be fully aware of the location of all fire exits.

• Sound the alarm by operating the nearest Break Glass Call Point
• Call the Fire and Rescue Service
• If the fire is small, tackle the fire using an appropriate applicant and ONLY if you have been fully trained in its use. DO NOT risk your safety or that of others.
• Remain calm, walk to the nearest available Fire Exit and leave the building. DO NOT stop to collect personal items, leave the building immediately.

• Leave the building by the nearest available exit, DO NOT stop to collect personal items, leave the building immediately
• Close all doors behind you
• Report to a designated Assembly Point, await the role call
• Do NOT take risks
• Do NOT re enter the building until authorised to do so

(c) Sign the Booking Form indicating that all of the above duties are fully understood.

5. During the Period of Let

(a) Not put up any decorations, scenery or other fittings or furnishings without the prior consent of the Management Committee.

(b) Not sub-let the premises or any part thereof.

(c) Not, without written consent from the Management Committee sell or agree to sell goods or commodities within the rooms/hall except such goods or commodities as are sold or agreed to be sold as part of refreshments served in the rooms/hall or to raise funds for a charitable or similar organisation of a non-profit making character.

(d) Be responsible for the proper conduct and management of the event and the suppression of nuisances, obscenity and drunkenness.

(e) Not allow any person under the influence of drink or drugs or having such in his/her possession to enter the premises.

(f) Be responsible for making good any loss or damage which may be done to the premises or furnishing during the period of let.

6. The Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003

(a) If the rooms/hall, are let in connection with the provision of services for children, that is persons under the age of 18, it shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure in advance that appropriate PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme) checks under Part 5 of the Police Act 1997 (Scotland) have been carried out on any individual who will be involved in the said provision by way of working, whether paid or unpaid, in a childcare position as defined in Schedule 2 of the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003. In this respect the applicant’s attention is drawn to the fact that useful guidance on the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003 is available on the Scottish Executive website.
Have all staff, volunteers or others in your organisation who have direct contact with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults provided a Disclosure to enable a check of records held by the Criminal Records Bureau?

7. The Management Committee

(a) Reserves the right to decline granting the use of the building at any time and to any applicant.

(b) Reserves the right to amend or alter these conditions or its scale of charges at any time.

(c) To impose any special conditions, which may seem to be reasonable, to suit the circumstances of any particular booking.

(d) To cancel any other bookings by an applicant where the applicant has failed to adhere strictly to these Conditions of Let during the course of a booking.

(e) To remove a block booking where another let requires the use of the rooms/hall.

(f) The Committee’s Public Liability Insurance does NOT provide cover for events which are managed by other person(s) or organisation(s). You are advised to take out your own Public Liability Insurance to cover the public and other risks with your event and the Committee will not be responsible for any claims arising from the failure of any applicant that fails to do so.


May 2013